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Heart Notes

Authentic. Simple. Handcrafted. A collection of self care products, handcrafted to help you put aside the stresses of everyday life and remind you to enjoy the simple things. 


Heart Notes was founded by Melinda in 2020, after having made soaps for herself, friends, and family since 2011 as a creative outlet. Sewing, cooking, and gardening from a young age inspired her to explore new ways to be creative and cemented the art of learning.

From day one, the goal was to design something personal to help alleviate the day's stresses and calm the soul. Bath bombs to help soak sore muscles at the end of a long day. Flickering candles to create a tranquil feeling in the background of a quiet room. Handcrafted soaps to beautify your space and pamper your skin. It all stems from the desire to create simple joy. 

"Helping you slow down in a busy world."